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Pioneering solutions for your plastic surfaces

Under the motto ‘Making every product unique,’ KURZ will present trend-setting surface solutions for the automotive, home appliance, consumer electronics, and health & beauty sectors from October 16 to 23, 2019 in Hall 5, A19/E09 at the K trade fair.

live at

A world first: IMD PUR

surfaces decorated with In-Mold Design (IMD) and flooded with PUR for exceptional gloss, depth, and durability. Live presentation: KURZ stand:

Hall 5, A19


IMD Varioform®

for economic decoration of 3D geometries in a single process step. Live presentation:

Hall 15, Stand B42 - C58, Engel Austria partner stand

Hall 15, Stand C06, Wittmann Battenfeld partner stand


Lifecycle Thinking

decoration of recycled items in outstanding quality using IMD Varioform®. KURZ decorations are very thin and therefore easy to recycle. Live presentation:

Hall 15, B42 - C58, Engel Austria partner stand, and VDMA Circular Economy Forum, outdoor area in front of Hall 16

Functional In-Mold Labeling (IML)

for the integration of sensors into three-dimensional plastic parts. Live presentation:

Hall 15, D22, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag partner stand

Hall 15, C06, Wittmann Battenfeld partner stand

Functional Foil Bonding (FFB)

for sensor functionality even in complex geometries. Live presentation:

Hall 5, A19


Fascinating design solutions

for your surfaces such as Gold & Concrete from our Visionary Design range, hologram effects, and backlighting:

Hall 5, A19

IMD single-image design process for large areas and display equipment

for more variance and freedom of design. Live presentation:

Hall 15, D22, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag partner stand


Metallization to create eye-catchers

at the point of sale in the cosmetics and healthcare industry. Live presentation:

Halle 5, A19

Digital inline Foiling (DiF)

for custom designs with exceptional metallic effects on plastic tubes. Live presentation:

Hall 5, A19

A world first: Hybrid technology

Hot stamping machine and CMYK digital printing in one process. Live presentation:

Hall 5, E09

Lifecycle Thinking

Improving our world for future generations

We want to provide our children and grandchildren with a better environment. We accept this responsibility as a global player with the deepest conviction, by thinking in terms of lifecycles. We are researching new, forward-looking products and processes to make our contribution to a holistic recycling cycle: Design for Recycling. We work with our customers to develop decorations that meet the highest of standards for people and nature. This means we reduce your plastic consumption by using recycled materials which we give a new, brilliant look.

Decorative recyclables can be decorated just as well as new materials. Our total solution approach reduces your energy consumption and CO2 footprint: we have production sites around the world and offer everything from one source. This eliminates transport journeys between several suppliers. Decorate your surfaces individually, responsibly, and at the same time cost-efficiently. KURZ decorations do not affect the recyclability of your products. We help you develop sustainability competence and act accordingly - while ensuring that your customers feel good about their environmental contribution.


Lifecycle Thinking – facts and figures

VDMA Circular Economy Forum,
outdoor area in front of Hall 16
Sunday, 10/20/2019, time t.b.c.

We will fittingly present the Kurz Lifecycle Thinking approach using IMD Varioform®. See for yourself that our surface finishes do not affect the recyclability of plastics and that recycled materials can be decorated as aesthetically and variedly as new materials.

Live demo

Design for Recycling

Live presentation: Hall 15, B42-C58 (Engel Austria partner stand)

Here you can witness our circular economy approach live. We will decorate a plastic part and then recycle it. We will use parts of the recycled material for a new product, which we will give it a high-quality, sophisticated look.


Future of Mobility Design

If you want to have a say in the automotive mobility of the future, you need a strong partner. At our stand you will witness a world first: using the example of a radiator grille, we will show you how aesthetics and functionality can be economically combined in a unique surface characterized by maximum durability, longevity, ...


IMD PUR: A world first

IMD and PUR in one process for the first time - self-healing surfaces


IMD Varioform®

3D geometries, four processes, one production step

Hall 15, Stand B42 - C58, Engel Austria partner stand

Halle 15, Stand C06, Wittmann Battenfeld partner stand


IMD with HMI

for HMI applications up to 1,000 mm

Hall 15, D22, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag partner stand


FFB Sensor integration

the most efficient integration technology for large touch displays LIVE ON A KURZ MACHINE

KURZ stand - Hall 5, Stand A19


Touch control for HMI

From surface to intelligent touchscreen

KURZ stand - Hall 5, Stand A19



Smart functions under your fingertips

KURZ stand - Hall 5, Stand A19


Home appliances

Intelligent Interface Heroes

KURZ stand - Hall 5, Stand A19  

In front of your eyes, a home appliance panel with freely assignable buttons emerges, that is set to impress with its exclusive look. Components are becoming user-friendly. Touch sensors from KURZ subsidiary PolyIC are fully automatically integrated into the plastic parts using Functional Foil Bonding.


Health & Beauty

Give your product design an edge!

KURZ stand Hall 5, Stand A19

Another live demonstration: the new Indirect Digital Decoration (IDD) process, which makes plastic tubes an irresistible eye-catcher. Glittering or multicolor effects, intense colors, names, or serial numbers - all this is possible with this innovative technology developed by KURZ together with its subsidiary ISIMAT.


Consumer electronics

Let there be light!

KURZ stand - Hall 5, Stand A19

In front of your eyes, a component transforms into a fascinating product through a captivating combination of surface design, backlighting effects, and interactive touch functions. This impressive aesthetic is created using innovative technologies and processes in just one step.


Visionary Design: It all starts with WHY.

To really create something NEW, you need a clearly defined WHY - a distinct attitude as a compass for new ideas, highly innovative approaches, and ultimately visionary designs. That's why we've initiated visionary design, an in-house source of inspiration for thought-leaders, thinkers, and visionaries - with the goal of creating, and offering creative new impulses in the world of surface design.


Hybrid technology

As individual as any industry, economical, intuitive

Bundled competence for the best possible results from a single source: impress your customers from the automotive, home appliances, or consumer electronics industries with unique surfaces. KURZ has the right solution for small print runs and large series: customizable, economical, and sustainable concepts that showcase your brand.


With our subsidiaries BAIER for hot stamping machines and h+m HINDERER + MÜHLICH for hot stamping tools, we offer complete solutions for aesthetic, functional, and innovative plastic finishing: :

  • Hot stamping and digital printing in one machine for unique design possibilities
  • Smallest batch sizes with maximum customizability all the way down to one single piece
  • Leaner, sustainable processes, more flexible production, customized solutions

Live presentations with Kilian Reichert

Stand KURZ Hall 5 A19

Trade fair and partner stands

Here’s what you’ll find ...

... at our KURZ stands:

KURZ stand Hall 5, A19

  • KURZ - Innovative surface finishing and sensor technology for the automotive, health & beauty, consumer electronics, and home appliance sectors

KURZ satellite stand Hall 5, E09

  • Hybrid technology live demo: hot stamping and digital printing in one
  • With our subsidiaries BAIER and hinderer + mühlich

... at the VDMA Pavillon:

VDMA Circular Economy Forum,
outdoor area in front of Hall 16

  • Presentation: Lifecycle economy with KURZ surface decoration
    Sunday, 10/20/2019, 2:50 pm – 3:10 pm

Here’s what you’ll find ...

... at our partner stands:

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag partner stand Hall 15, D22

  • IMD for single-image decorations with diameter up to 1,000 mm
  • Joint project with Sumitomo (SHI) Demag

Wittmann Battenfeld partner stand Hall 15, C06

  • IMD Varioform®
  • 3D geometries, four processes, one step

Engel Austria partner stand Hall 15, B42 - C58

  • IMD Varioform® meets circular economy for a healthier environment

Plastic Decoration

Exceptional surface refinement

KURZ is your partner for extraordinary surface finishing of your plastic products worldwide - from concept to series production. We have received numerous awards for our innovative solutions, including the Automotive Brand Contest in the Future, Mobility, and Parts category. Creativity and an innovative spirit are in our DNA.

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Making Every Product Unique

world wide

More than 5,100 employees, over 30 locations worldwide: KURZ is the world leader in thin-film surface finishing and produces under uniform quality and environmental standards in Europe, Asia, and the USA. We also offer state-of-the-art solutions for furniture, packaging, books, textiles, bottle labels, bank cards, and much more. Read on!

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