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IMD Varioform®

3D geometries, four processes, one production step 

At K2019 KURZ also presented innovations in the IMD Varioform® process, which allows you to reshape, decorate, inject, and stamp 3D geometries in one production step.

  • Lifecycle Thinking with Engel Austria: Recycled material was processed in a cycle into new parts and decorated at the same time. With IMD Varioform® technology from KURZ, PC/ABS with partly recycled materials can be finished in the same aesthetic and sophisticated way as new material. Trade fair visitors were invited to follow the entire production cycle live: this decoration process has enormous ecological potential, not only for the automotive industry.
  • Joint project with Wittmann Battenfeld: a technology component made of plastic with a three-dimensional recess was produced in a live demonstration at Wittmann Battenfeld partner stand. NEW: sensors from KURZ subsidiary PolyIC now also can be manufactured to suit the 3D geometryand conform to the shape of the component. This flexibility is possible due to its ultra-thin metal mesh support structure.